Youtube en la enseñanza de idiomas

Youtube se ha convertido en la herramienta más popular para compartir información visual con sonido.

También se puede aplicar a la enseñanza de idiomas.

Youtube EDU es el canal de Youtube especializado en enseñanza:

Sus creadores lo definen como:

YouTube EDU currently includes over 700,000 high quality educational videos from over 800 channels. A team of teachers around the country scour the site to uncover the latest and greatest educational videos to add to YouTube EDU, ensuring that there are videos on everything from Astrophysics to Zoology. 

Nothing beats the collective brilliance of educators everywhere though. Send us your suggestions of great videos, playlists and channels to make YouTube EDU more engaging and educational for students of all ages and backgrounds. Our team reviews your suggestions regularly and, if approved, the content will be added to YouTube EDU. Help us build the world's largest educational video library! 

A continuación os incluyo un video educativo subido en esta página: 

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